We appraise your doll, so in case of theft or damage you can document the value.

The Joyce Merlet Doll Clinic has more than 30 years of experience with the appraisals and expertises of dolls. Our services were asked for by this insurance companies: AXA, Allianz, Aggripina, Albinga, ARAG, Bayerischer Versicherungs-Verband, Continental Sachversicherung, DEVK, Deutscher Ring, Deutsche Herold, DBV Winterthur, Europa, Gerling, Gothaer, Generali, GVV Privat, Helvetica, Hamburg Mannheimer, Nord, Nürnberger, Provinzial, R + V, Securitas, VGH, VGV, Victoria, Volkswohlbund, Würtembergische, GGV, WWK, Züricher Aggripina, Züricher.




Apart from these expertises for insurance companies we give estimates on the prospective repair costs in cases of damage by fire or water.

But appraisals are not only useful in cases of damage. When you have been given or have inherited a collection of antique dolls it might be good to know the estimated value of your new posessions. Please
contact us to see how we can serve you.